Micro Pub Logo Design Birmingham

Project Type:

Micro Pub Logo Design

Location: Birmingham

The Challenge:

Ale Hub required a logo to be designed for their new ‘Micro-Pub’ based in Birmingham. The logo needed it to be clean and minimal but not too ‘edgy’ nor too ‘traditional’. So the challenge here was all about striking the right balance between the traditional pub / bar logo and the more modern. They also wanted to somehow incorporate a beer glass or beer keg which are both quite traditional imagery so I needed to find a solution that incorporated this imagery but in a modern and minimal way.

My Thoughts:

My initial thought is I can’t believe I haven’t updated my portfolio for so long! I have been so busy with logo work over the past 12 months that I simply have not had time to update this portfolio with all the new logos (I must try and get some more examples of what I have been working on up here!).

Getting back to Ale Hub, enjoyed this one it was an interesting challenge getting the balance right between the traditional and modern. I quite liked the solution as well of how to incorporate the pint glass that they wanted, using the negative space of the ‘U’ in ‘HUB’ was an innovative solution which allowed me to keep the logo looking modern with clean minimal lines.

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