Project Type:

Website Design

Location: Wollaston, Stourbridge, UK

The Client:

Freestyle Hair Salon in Wollaston, Stourbridge is run by Kim Varney a lovely lady and a great client to work with. Freestyle Hair Studio’s goal is to maintain the highest standards and provide high quality services in a family friendly relaxed and professional atmosphere. They provide professional styling for men, women and children. They are also experts at colouring, perming and setting and cater for all age ranges.

They also have a really cool model car seat for the young kids to sit in to keep them occupied whilst having a hair cut, my lad loved it.

My Thoughts:

I love working with other creative companies and hairdressers are some of the most creative out there. Again it was also great to work with a local company and Kim and her team are fantastic. I have done a lot of other work for Freestyle including graphic design for flyers and business stationery etc.

We have worked together for a few years now and consider each other great friends.

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