Project Type:

Estate Agent Logo Design

Location: Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

The Challenge:

This was more of a refinement and rework than a full on re-design project. The estate agent Ian Perks already had company colours and had recently reworked their logo themselves in house. They had the basis of what they wanted but it needed polishing up and refining.

My Thoughts:

There wasn’t a lot of work to be done here but a professional touch was needed. They had the colouring and layout of the new logo to a point but the typefaces they were using were all wrong. The spacing between the letters was also unbalanced and in general things just needed ‘finishing’ to a high standard.

So I changed the typefaces, introduced a change of colour to the dot of the “i” so that the grey of the “estate agents” now balanced with the brand name text (as before it was top heavy being all blue) and I manually adjusted the spacing between each and every letter so that the balance was perfect. Not too challenging but the little things and my attention to detail made all the difference in the end.

Another happy client.

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