Client: NPNG No Pain No Gain

Project Type: Logo Design For Apparel

Location: France

The Challenge:

I developed this apparel logo design for No Pain No Gain (NPNG) in 2015. I have previously developed two other more illustrative logos for the brand (see below) which are still in use on other products.

This time the client required a much simplified logo design for their apparel, they requested a very sleek, simple yet modern motif and complimentary typography.

Logo Design For Apparel

My Thoughts:

Often the simplest designs are the hardest to create, because you need to create something minimal yet eye catching. The problem is obvious really, the more minimalist something is the less lines and detail you have to work with to effectively communicate your message and sometimes when you have a really long or complex brand name this can be a very difficult challenge. The No Pain No Gain guys were great, when they approached me they already knew that they had  along name and they had already considered distilling in down to NPNG or N for the motif or emblem.

I created several great designs that were emblems comprised of NPNG letterings but the client decided it needed simplifying further so we really went back to the fundamentals on this one and  started playing with stylised N motifs. The design that you see on this page was the final logo that we arrived at after much refinement and discussion.

I think the point I would like to make here is that even though at the project end you may end up with a concept that looks quite simple, it is the journey to get there that takes time, creative thought and ingenuity. Often the simpler a design needs to be can the larger the investment by the client needs to be. Just because something is simple to look at does not make it any cheaper nor is it in any way an indication of the time it has taken to create.


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