Project Type:

Logo Design

Location: South Africa

The Challenge:

Create a simple and minimalist SG logo emblem with a WOW factor. The emblem needed to be able to be embroidered and printed on various clothing as well as look great on digital and printed media.

My Thoughts:

I love this logo and the client loved it too! I created several concepts for this logo all very different but as soon as this one was conceived I knew it was the one the client would choose.

Often you instinctively ‘just know’ when something is right and one or two designs always stand out.

There is a lot of hidden thought and meaning in this design, I looked into the history of African tribal symbols for this project and the final logo has inspiration from some of those symbols with the ‘snaking’ lettering.

The client wanted to incorporate a ‘nod’ the the African heritage of the brand if possible but it wasn’t top of the list of priorities and he didn’t want to do so at the risk of compromising the overall aesthetics which were key.

So he was delighted that I manged to work in such a subtle salute to the heritage whilst maintaining the overall sleek and minimal design. The overall shield shape which the letters form was also significant.

So in the end I achieved incorporating 2 subtle hidden elements and the company initials within a very clean, modern and sleek logo with the minimal use of line.

A challenging project indeed, but a great final result and another very happy client.

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