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Crown Logo Bridge Logo *SOLD*

Crown Logo Bridge Logo


Sorry, this crown logo or bridge logo has sold and the Copyright transferred to the purchaser.

If you have missed out on this logo but like the style then please consider hiring me to design a different logo for you.

About This Logo Design

If you are searching for a crown logo design or a bridge logo design, unfortunately this one has now sold. However, I have designed many logos over my career and I would love to design a different one for you.

Both crowns and bridges are popular iconography in logo design. Crowns usually feature as a theme because they are synonymous with royalty, luxury, quality and money.

Bridges are probably less used than crowns however they can often be found in logos used by companies where the local landmark is a famous bridge. They can however be used to symbolise other things such as a link between two industries and other symbolism like that.

A logo design can be clean, minimal and simple such as the example on this page. Or it can be more detailed and illustrative. I can create any style that you may require be it simple or more complex and detailed.

I purposefully designed this logo to incorporate both a crown and a bridge, cleverly combining both elements into one icon.

It is often possible to incorporate multiple elements into one logo design, sometimes the solution is simple and at other times it requires more thought. This particular design wasn’t too difficult as I was able to use the supporting elements of the bridge to form parts of the crown shape.

If you are looking to buy a crown logo or a bridge logo for your brand, business or personal use then please get in touch as I would love to discuss your project with you.