Client: Doug & Bone

Project Type: Logo Design for Fashion

Location: UK

The Challenge:

Doug and Bone offer a range of beautiful dog fashion clothing and accessories for dog lovers. I was excited when the client approached me to design the logo to head up the brand because I had never worked on a logo for a company in this industry before. The brief was simple, to create a logo design for fashion brand with the feel similar to a designer range of clothing but for dogs!

I researched many designer clothing brands and then looked at how I could bring that designer clothing look and feel to Doug and Bone. The client was keen to incorporate a dog element and a bone into the design. So the challenge was going to be in combining those complex elements within a simple clean design that was cohesive with a designer brand.

My Thoughts:

Because of the complex elements (the dog and bone) which needed to be incorporated, my idea was to keep the rest of the design very simple. I choose a very modern and uncomplicated typeface which would encapsulate the more complex elements. I then modified the negative space of the company initials to represent the two elements.

I have mocked up the logo here to show how it might look when embossed or engraved.

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