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Wave Logo *For Sale*

Wave Logo

About This Wave Logo Design

If you are searching for a wave logo then this ready made logo may suit your needs. However, if this isn’t quite what you are looking for then I would love to design a different wave logo for you.

The use of waves in logo design is quite common as waves are synonymous with movement, waves are a symbol of change or revitalisation. Water, seas and oceans represent purification and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

A logo design can be clean, minimal and simple such as the example on this page. Or it can be more detailed and illustrative. I can create any style that you may require be it simple or more complex and detailed.

Working with designs taken from nature, such as waves, as the theme for a logo can be fun. Waves can be morphed into many shapes so they are malleable and tend to lend themselves well to logo design.  

It is also often possible to incorporate other elements into logo design themes that use natural items, for instance a breaking wave could easily be made into a “C” or “G” letterform.

If you are looking to buy a wave logo for your brand, business or personal use then please get in touch as I would love to discuss your project with you.

Price: £250.00

What You Get...

5 different file types:

  • (.ai) Adobe Illustrator file.
  • (.eps) EPS vector file.
  • (.psd) Photoshop File
  • (.pdf) High resolution PDF file.
  • (.png) PNG file with transparent background.


If you would like your brand name added to your choice of logo or if you would like the logo supplied in an alternative colour to those shown this is included within the listed price.

Signed transfer of copyright form.

Each logo is only sold once and comes with a signed transfer of copyright form*. Upon the successful completion of a sale the logo is marked as sold and moved from the ‘for sale’ section into the ‘sold’ section.

*It is important to note that Copyright is not the same as a Trademark or a Registered Trademark. If you are seeking brand protection, then applying for a Trademark is the way to do that. In the UK you can do this by applying to the Government IPO (Intellectual Property Office) after you have purchased your logo.

Please note that any names used in Pre-made logos are just examples so that the logo can been seen in context. You will need to provide your own brand name.

This logo is the Copyright of Martin Williams at Pixel Freak Creative. Upon purchase the full copyright will be transferred to the buyer.

All logos are sold subject to the Terms and Conditions published on this website.

Not quite what you are looking for but you like the style, then why not hire me to create a different custom logo design for you?