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Letter G Hexagon Logo *SOLD*

Letter G Hexagon Logo Design


Sorry, this letter G hexagon logo has sold and the Copyright transferred to the purchaser.

If you have missed out on this logo but like the style then please consider hiring me to design a different logo for you.

About This Logo Design

If you are searching for a letter G hexagon logo design, unfortunately this one has now sold. However, I have designed many logos over my career and I would love to design a different one for you.

The use of brand/company initials in logo design is very common as it is a great way to link the emblem, symbol or motif of the logo to the brand name. 

When you use the brand initial(s) in the logo it subconsciously helps the viewer to make associations between the brand or company name and the logo emblem more swiftly.

Over time this will help build brand recognition and raise the profile of the company. Eventually this will lead to you being able to use the emblem on its own without any supporting text as the emblem becomes synonymous with the brand.

Whilst this particular logo may have already sold, I have many other ready made logos available for sale, so check them out as your perfect logo might already be there just waiting for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking to get a letter G logo designed for your brand, business or personal use then please get in touch as I would love to discuss your project with you.

I now have over 25 years experience in logo design, so your project would be in good hands. For more examples of my logo design work you can visit my logo design portfolio.

You can also read my many five star logo design reviews from previous clients here or on Google.

If you have a question about my logo design services you can see my logo design pricing here, or you can read my logo design FAQ’s here.