Project Type:

Fitness Logo Rebranding

Location: UK

The Challenge:

This was an interesting and slightly different project to normal. GYMGATOR was an already established brand but the owners felt that the existing branding needed reworking and making clean and modern without losing their individuality.

My Thoughts:

I have to say I love this logo. I wanted to keep the character of the brand (The Gator) but cut back on the amount of detail of the previous logo. I also wanted to bring in the initial “G” of the brand directly into the emblem some how so that the emblem when used alone had more synergy with the brand name. I wanted to do all this and still present it in a sporty iconic way, a sports brand with personality. Let me make this clear this was no easy feat, in the old logo the Gator head was face-on and I knew this would have to change from the outset. I experimented with a lot of sketching. With each iteration of the design I stripped back detail, until I felt I was down to the minimum amount of line detail required to convey both the Gator and to form the G shape.

From that base I then started building the design back up adding in little nuances and refining each curve and optimising my use of line. I even painstakingly deliberated over every little detail including the number of teeth, the shape of the eye and the snout and neck. It took many hours to get this design just perfect, but I think it was time well invested and a job well done.

The client loved it too.

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