Project Type:

Innergrit Logo Design

Location: UK

The Challenge:

Innergrit (Inner Grit) contacted me to create an emblem for their business. They were keen to combine an animal with either the ‘I’ or ‘G’ letter-form from their name. We decided that it would be better to use the ‘G’ letter as an I is too overly simple a shape to work with realistically for this kind of emblem. I felt that the I would get lost within the design because of the detail required to represent the animal element. So that was the challenge how could I create a combination of an animal and a ‘G’ letter, and what animal should we use?

My Thoughts:

After much experimentation and research looking into what different animals represent in different cultures I settled on a Lion. The thought process on this was two-fold, firstly the lion is widely regarded as representing courage and strength which is what ‘Inner Grit’ also represents an inner courage and toughness. Secondly I knew that the ‘G’ letter shape was well suited visually to combine with a lion head because of the mane.

When you look at a lion from the side the face area is relatively small  but because of the full mane (on a male lion) the head can appear quite large and I felt that I could use this flowing mane to create the other aspects of the ‘G’ letter. Once I had this concept I knew I had the right solution and it was just a matter of refining that into a clean simple emblem with just the right level of detail.

This one wasn’t easy and took a LOT of work to get it just right but the client was thrilled with the final logo and I was very pleased with how it turned out too.

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