Packaging Design UK for PrepBox

Packaging Design UK Project

Hey, my name is Martin Williams and I created this Packaging Design UK project. I am a creative graphic designer with over 25 years professional experience. Below you will find an example of my work, more can be found in my portfolios, thank you.

The Challenge:

PrepBox initially approached me to design a brand logo for their company. Upon completion of the logo design, they then asked me to design their product packaging as well.

Packaging design can sometimes be challenging because of the amount of content that has to be fitted into the design often without too much space to work with.

Ensuring that text is legible and that all the correct information is in place takes an eye for detail.

Packaging Design
Packaging Design UK

My Thoughts:

I don’t have tons of experience in packaging design specifically, however, I have enjoyed all the packaging design projects I have worked on to date, and the client trusted me with it after the work I had already done for them.

I found that it is not too dissimilar from any other graphic design work to be honest. When you have spent over 25 years designing things you find you can turn your hand to anything really.

It was great to carry through my logo work into the packaging design and see everything come together, all in all it was an enjoyable project.

Packaging Designer UK

Have a packaging design project of your own?

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Whether you require design for print, digital use or both just get in touch and I will be happy to help.

You can find further examples of my graphic design work in my graphic design portfolio, or read reviews from my previous clients here.

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