Project Type: Logo Design

Location: Stourbridge

The Challenge:

Chapter are a training company specialising in Project Management Training Courses. The client required Professional Corporate Logo Design created to represent the brand.

The client wasn’t sure if they wanted a purely typographical logo or a logo design with separate typographical and motif elements, so I created several different concepts.

My Thoughts:

We finally settled on this typographical design which incorporates a very simple yet clever theme. I was looking for a simple way to relate the type to the name Chapter.

To me the meaning behind the brand name “Chapter” was that their training allows you to move on to the next Chapter of your career.

So I started to think about where else Chapters appear and how we use the word, such as chapters of our lives and chapters in a book.

From there I thought about how we mark these chapters and this lead me to thinking about bookmarks and how we use a bookmark when reading a book to mark which chapter we are currently reading.

I arrived at the simple concept of editing the bottom of the “P” letter form within the logo to look like the bottom of a bookmark as it looks when sticking out of the bottom of a book.

I had several ideas besides this concept, but this simple elegant solution was the one that won out in the end.

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