Fitness Logo Design

Fitness Logo Design Project

Hey, my name is Martin Williams and I created this Fitness Logo Design. I am a veteran logo designer with over 25 years professional experience. Below you will find an example of my work, more can be found in my portfolios, thank you.

The Challenge:

Body Vision are a fitness brand. The client required logo created to represent the brand.

The client did not have any preconceived ideas or concepts before contacting me, the only real provision they had was that they wanted to keep away from any clichéd or overused visual representations often seen in gym and fitness brands.

They just knew that they wanted a clean, modern logo.

Fitness Logo Design

My Thoughts:

As the client did not want the logo to feature any  iconography such as fitness equipment or running figures etc.

I concentrated my logo concept exploration around simple, visually appealing motifs with a fitness/sports vibe. Many of the motifs I created were comprised of combining the initials of the brand “B” and “V” in unique and interesting ways.

Although this design looks simple, it was actually quite hard to conceive, as the two letter forms “B” and “V” are not very complimentary (one being very geometric and the other more rounded by default). 

Putting them together in a cohesive way was a difficult task. To achieve this I has to make the “B” element lowercase and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise to fit it into the “V” shape, this formed the overall emblem. In addition to this I also had to make the “b” more geometric in nature.

When the client saw an early version of this concept they were certain that was the design for them.

Logo Design for Fitness Brand

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