Project Type: Fitness Logo Design

Location: UK

The Challenge:

Body Vision are a fitness apparel clothing company. The client required a Fitness Logo Design created to represent the brand.

The client did not have any preconceived ideas or concepts before contacting me, the only real provision they had was that they wanted to keep away from any clichéd or overused visual representations often seen in the gym and fitness industries.

They just knew that they wanted a clean, modern logo to represent their new fitness brand.

My Thoughts:


As we did not want to use any overused iconography such as fitness equipment or running figures etc. I concentrated my logo concept exploration around non specific yet visually appealing motifs with a fitness / sports feel and motifs comprised of combining the initials of the brand “B” and “V” in unique and interesting ways.

When they saw an early version of the concept above Body Vision were certain that was the design for them. After a few refinements to the angles and proportions we arrived at this final clean and modern design.

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