Project Type: Apparel Logo Design

Location: UK

The Challenge:

Eaglewear are a fitness and sports apparel brand based in the UK.

For their brand, Eaglewear requested that I come up with a minimalist concept for their fitness apparel logo design, something representative of an eagle but not a literal visual representation of an eagle.

My Thoughts:

During our initial meeting we discussed concepts based around using a minimal representation of a wing or a beak as the motif.

As it turned out the final motif above was based on a simple sketch I made during that very first meeting on a napkin in the coffee shop.

We still explored several other options throughout the project as it is vital that all avenues are thoughtfully explored and a proper design process is followed to ensure the best possible final solution.

However sometimes, not very often, but sometimes your gut instinct and very first simple concepts are the best and that proved to be the case here.


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