Project Type: Custom Logo Design

Location: UK

The Challenge:

This custom logo design was created for Gymheadz in 2015. The client requested a text and motif combination where the motif could also work as a standalone element.

For this reason it was important that the motif have relevance and a strong relationship to the brand name.

My Thoughts:

To help tie the motif to the brand name I explored a lot of concepts, there were several designs where I tried to combine a head and gym related graphic elements into the logo but it wasn’t working.

The concepts felt overly complex and so I moved on to exploring ways that I could incorporate the brand initials GH and into the motif alongside a gym theme.

That is when I struck upon the idea of using the G and H to form the weights shape.

I am usually against using too obvious iconography (such as weights for a gym brand) but I felt that this concept was unique enough to carry it off.

We arrived at the simple, clean modern concept pictured above, and the client loved it.


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