Peak Tennis Brand Logo Design

Tennis Brand Logo Design Project

Hey, my name is Martin Williams designer of this tennis brand logo design project. I am a veteran logo designer with over 25 years professional experience. Below you will find an example of my work, more can be found in my portfolios, thank you.

The Challenge:

This was a tough but really enjoyable project. Peak Tennis hired me to rebrand their brand/company logo. The solution had to be simple and ideally incorporate the initials PTI.

The client wanted to stay away from using any traditional tennis iconography, such as tennis rackets and tennis balls etc. Therefore the brief was somewhat restrictive.

Tennis Brand Logo Design

My Thoughts:

I created a LOT of concepts for this project over several weeks. I looked at many solutions including abstract ways of using court markings and so forth.

I also experimented with many different ways of combining the PTI letters into a single cohesive emblem, of which this final solution was one such concept.

Overall, the first thing that jumps out at you with this emblem is the “P” letter shape (as it should being the primary initial) however, if you look closely you will see that the “P” shape is made up from a “T” shape and also an “I” shape.

Combining all those letter shapes into a dynamic sporty emblem was no easy task. But, this project just goes to show that, with perseverance, most things are possible.

The client was very happy with the final solution, and commissioned me to also create multiple versions of the logo for various sub-brands and to also create a set of brand guidelines for them.

Tennis Brand Logo Designer

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