Client: Aesthetic Warfare

Project Type: Character Design

Location: N/A

The Challenge:

The client required an warrior character design for their fitness apparel brand. They already had the idea that the warrior should be drawing a bow so to show the muscle tension of the body.

My Thoughts:

I like character design work and illustrating defined muscle groups is always a fun challenge. It can be quite difficult especially when you have to work in just monotone because you have no tonal variations to work with for subtle shading.

It is also a challenge to strike a balance between having enough lines to show the detail of the figure yet keeping the design simple enough so that it still works when it is shrunk down. To accomplish this the lines need to be bold and you need to be strict in your choice of line work, keeping lines that are essential to describing the form whilst removing anything that is superfluous and could clutter the illustration.

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